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Monday, March 21, 2005

Street Law Series, Redux

So Friday saw two meetings; the first with Court TV and the second with Spike TV. The Court TV one might have been a longshot. They have, afterall, a pretty established demographic. I'm not sure what that is, but I have a feeling its the same people who buy the National Enquirer even though they don't believe a word of it. Spike TV might be a little more positive. We sold it as a "you should know this stuff to be a Cool Guy on The Streets." So we handed both TV's a book to peruse and our little proposal, and off they went to consider or bring to a meeting or whatever. I still don't understand what I'm doing. (I'm sure Gabe will explain it to me eventually) Not surprisingly, the future of The Street Law Series remains uncertain.

But it was a generally mellow weekend of drunken Scrabble playing and late night noshing (why do I always get a) the nachos or b) the sundae?) Tonight, I was out for comfort food with the girls. As I was looking around the table, I thought we looked very Sex & the City, minus the crude humor and superficial glibness. Actually, we had a little crude humor too, but it still had a ladylike quality to it. I think. The girls and I are all very different (a film production coordinator who takes her dog on shoots and is working on a television pilot; an Egyptian jewelry designer who shops 5 hours a day--as part of her job; a bohemian writer who's secretly working on a major screenplay with a major director; a Conde Nast exec who plans glamorous fashion events; and, well, me)...but anyway, as different as we all are, we all had ridiculous dating stories to share. It was a mass unloading. But I liked being the company of women who have no problem demolishing a giant plate of onion rings. Shows I have good taste in friends.

Laren invited me to go to "Tuesdays@Nine" at the Naked Angels Playhouse. It sounds suspiciously like a reading, only more interesting as you can get the actors to read your work for you. That actually sounds a little fun. It's been suggested that I submit anything, but the idea of sitting down and writing fiction--fiction I care about--still makes me anxious. We'll see.

Tomorrow: The Second Gratuitous Sex Entry.


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