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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

This Snow Is Killing My Social Life

Er, I think the title is self-explanatory. I've had more people cancel on me than I care to think about, and what was worse is that I was perfectly content to sit at home reading a book or watching, god help me, The L-Word. I think I have a crush on Shane, but who doesn't? She moves like Mick Jagger, without the geriatric grossness.

So I was all wrong about the Oscars, which is a lesson to all of you out there thinking about canceling your subscription to Entertainment Weekly. Who knew that Martin Scorcese would become the Academy's Susan Lucci? For the whole fashion rundown, go to bunnyshop, who does it much better than I could. I agree with most of her critique, except I hated Hillary Swank's dress. Actually, from the little I saw (I couldn't deal with the possibility of glimpsing Star Jones), I thought most of the fashion was pretty dull. But I'm sure the Oscar Edition of People, Star and US magazines will tell me different.

Okay, so I'm rambling about the Oscars, but what else is there to do in this damn white wasteland? It's either that or ponder the bizarre fact that it's already time for my LAW SCHOOL reunion. Now while the law school dean was nice enough to send me a letter when Street Law was published, I don't think I'm exactly the shining example of a Fordham Law graduate. Just ask my folks, they'd be happy to discuss it.

The chances of me going to this reunion are pretty slim, but not all reunions are bad. I happened to be in town for my high school reunion, which was fun, except I didn't know anyone there (it was a big school) and I suddenly realized that a high percentage of my graduating class was, well, hillbilly-ish. But I did have the pleasure of finding out that the girl who tormented me unrelentingly in junior high (and was nominated "Most Attractive" in high school, mysteriously) ended up as a stripper shortly after graduation. (And not one of those emancipated-feminist-strippers either) Hey, maybe it's not ladylike to rub my hands in glee, but believe me, she had it coming. I got no love for the bullies, unless they're thoroughly repentant and reformed and work actively against quelling future bullying.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shane is the sexiest thing alive. And I am persuasively heterosexual. And female.

4:09 PM  

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