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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dog Days of Summer

August is a bad month for freelancers--or good, if you don't mind not being busy. I like being busy. I also like being paid properly. Sometimes that just doesn't happen.

Found an article worth checking out about the life less travelled...I like to think it applies to me, but only to a certain extent. I find it funny that the author assumes that the people in cafes in midday are not working hard. I work so much harder than I did as a lawyer, because I care about being a writer much more. It just takes more forms, and I can move around, but it's really preferable to sitting in an office all day, becoming a drone. And a lot of the time I end up working late at night, when others are off carousing and gallivanting without me. So unfair.

Click here for the article.

But August is made for carousing, because everyone who can give you work is on vacation. What to do with lots of time and no money? Besides reality television, I mean. That's one dangerous hobby...

My agent represents The Washingtonienne, a sexually active, moderately amoral character whose blog (here) inspired her book. I find it fascinating that after two weeks of blogging she managed to be become infamous enough for a book and a huge advance. Then again, she was sleeping with low-level politicos for rent money, usually on her lunch break. Another girl who likes to work hard, just in her own way...hope that's where the comparison ends between me and her...

Still, will work harder to make material more salacious.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...ah, the Washingtonienne...

Wonkette reports that Jessica "the Washingtonienne" Cutler has sold the television rights for her novel to HBO and that Sarah Jessica Parker is to produce. Talk about mileage. Has she broken the record yet for highest paid pro ever?

10:53 AM  
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