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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fame By Any Other Name

During my research for new book proposal, I stumbled across the following list. All were trained as lawyers but found fame in other fields. Some in particular give us hope...

Franz Kafka (writer)
Rene Descartes (philospher)
Francis Scott Key (composer)
Scott Turow (author)
Terry Louise Fisher (co-creator of LA Law)
Paul Robeson (actor/singer/civil rights activist)
Geraldo Rivera (broadcast journalist)
Richard Thalheimer (president/The Sharper Image)
Noah Webster (lexicographer)
John Wesley Hardin (outlaw)
Mahatma Gandhi (political/spiritual leader)
Tony LaRussa (former Oakland A’s manager)
Henry Fielding (author)
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (political leader)
Mortimer Zuckerman (owner of U.S. News & World Report)
Erle Stanley Gardner (creator of Perry Mason)
Sir Thomas More (statesman/saint)
Pat Haden (former LA Rams quarterback)
Charlie Rose (broadcast journalist)
Rossano Brazzi (actor)
Washington Irving (author)
Howard Cosell (sportscaster)
Hoagy Carmichael (songwriter)
Edgar Lee Masters (poet/novelist)
Wassily Kandinsky (painter)
Peter Tchaikovsky (composer)
Fred Graham (CBS TV reporter)
Fidel Castro (politician)
Otto Preminger (film director)
Madalyn Murray O’Hair (reformer)
Ralph Nader (consumer advocate/politician)
Jules Verne (author)
Archibald MacLeish (poet)
Studs Terkel (oral historian)


Anonymous oily pete said...

You forgot Bill Clinton.

And I can think of a number of things to call Lenin other than "Political Leader"!

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Robeson (actor/singer/unrepentant Stalinist)

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, Robert Rubin, who also wrote, "In an uncertian world"...


10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and (according to the Daily Show) saddam hussein...

8:36 PM  
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