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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Fan Fare and Fun Law

Well, it's happened. I have fans. A following really, ardent folks who wait eagerly to read the next installment of my so-called life. This is a good thing, as one sent me a friendly reminder of the signature I have at the end of my email that says "Updated Daily." What it should read, or does read, if you squint hard enough, is that it "May Be Updated Daily." Or perhaps, "Should Really Be Updated Daily." Or even "Wants To Be Updated Daily." Perhaps I should have been more clear. At any rate, the friendly cattle-prod from my one fan has got me typing, which can only result in goodness and peace and harmony.

Tonight I am off to something called a Secession Event, thrown by my ex-editor at High Times, Mr. J. Buffalo Mailer. I have no idea what this entails, except that I have shrewdly deduced that this has something to do with the inauguration that occured last week, cementing the fact that we are, as a whole, a really, really stupid people. So, much like the red states tried to do about a hundred-odd years ago, we are planning to secede. I am all for this, since the government doesn't give me any health insurance and I'm assuming I'll pay less taxes as a founding member of the new order. I am, however, reluctant to pledge allegience to a new ruler (unless it's little Prince William, in which case he gets all my attention). At any rate, the event should be good, even though a live reading is threatened, and I do know for a fact that this particular bar, at the end of the night when everyone is nicely toasted, pulls out a karoake machine. (I do apologize to all those who found my lyric-less rendition of Sex Pistol's God Save the Queen a bit ear-shattering. But then again, the original was both lyric-less and ear-shattering, so I think I have made my point). I have a good feeling about this event as I have invited a half dozen of my miscreant friends who have been snowbound and running out of vodka from the frig. (Please contribute to our cause; Paypal link listed below).*

So my question is this--if we can make politics hip and interesting (as the previous masthead of High Times tried to do, only to be told that straightforward stoner mags sell better), and if we can make science hip and interesting (SEED magazine--check it out) then there must be a way to make law hip and interesting. Enough of the pin-striped, gray haired, Y-chromosone dictatorship. Enough with crushing the will to live out of people who, if they had just gone into performance art or religious studies, might have been interesting. Enough with sanding our rough edges and deciphering the Rule of Perpetuities (Not enough has been said about the evil that the Rule of Perpetuities has caused. Who will pay for all that shock therapy--the firm? I think not). There must be a cutting edge in all that document review/due diligence/drafting memo life.

Law does teach us about politics and morality, gives us a way to deal with crime and punishment, and provides countless hours of courtroom entertainment in shows like "Fashion Court." I want to write the book that brings law to the MTV generation (in small ten-second segments for the attention-span challenged). Help me figure out how.

*There is no Paypal link. You're a little gullible.


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