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Monday, January 10, 2005

Damn Libraries

Well, I'm back from a hiatus of doing absolutely nothing useful. But I did read in the news today that two Southern Mississippi counties have banned Jon Stewart's book America from the shelves. (Read more here). The reason? The satirical naked pictures of the nine Supreme Court Justices, accompanied by cutouts of the justice's robe that the reader can put back on them. This, incidentally, was the same reason that Wal-Mart refused to sell the book.

Well, I for one am glad. People don't realize how dangerous libraries can be, and how often they are the first source that children go to learn about naked people. Where would I be without back issues of National Geographic? Sadly misinformed, I tell you. And I remember seeing my first naked man in an anatomy book--only to be promptly caught by my father and warned Never To Look At Such Things Again. (I took his advice for about 10 more years, then said to hell with it). That was bad enough, but can you imagine a poor, impressionable 8-year old today, curious about the human body, who opens a tempting book-- only to be faced with...naked Supreme Court Justices? What kind of trauma will that kid suffer?

No, better to take out all books involving naked people, satirical or not. And those damn anatomy books as well. Let the kids learn about nudity and sex the old fashioned way--through poorly scrambled porn channels and the Robin Byrd show.


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