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Monday, July 17, 2006

More Sepia Mutiny Posts

Hello all...

here are some more posts from my guest-blogging stint at Sepia Mutiny...I very much enjoyed working with the bloggers, who are exceptionally articulate and interesting people. The comments section, however, leaves me a little cold...too many trolls looking for pointless argument. That said, it's a great site, and here are some links!

Indian Woman Marries Snake

Computers Without Words

Apu-Calypse Now

The Freedom To Write

So Long, Farewell

For all future lawyerwriter posts, go to And gentlemen--while the blog is run by three girls who like to dish and gossip, it is resolutely NOT a woman's blog. It will however, help you understand why smart women are sick of Cosmo and Glamour. Since all three bloggers are entertainment involved in various aspects of pop culture, get ready for a hefty dose of television, movie and book publishing commentary...

For all those who put up with my erratic blogging, this also means regular, near-daily posts. What are you waiting for? Click here for the latest lawyerwriter posts!


Anonymous Aditya Surendran said...

This comment has nothing to do with your post; I did not know how else to get in touch with you. I just read the article in the link below and found you very interesting.

I just graduated from undergrad and started work as a corporate paralegal at Fried Frank in the relatively new Asset Management Dept. The work here is dry and so I have begun to inquire into the litigation paralegal position as a job to marinate in until law school next year.

I doubt I will get an honest answer from the litigation paralegals that work there, whose pride would be wounded if they gave an honest depiction of their own job. And I would expect a full-fledged lie from the hiring staff there as well. As a previous associate in this field, I was hoping to get your take on the field.

And, on a more general note about law school, I know at some point I will have to decide between corporate or litigation (my skill and confidence in writings books is nowhere near yours so I must tunnel my vision to these two areas of law that interest me) How did you go about deciding on litigation as the field to practice in?

Aditya Surendran

4:06 PM  
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