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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Can We Trust Lawyerwriter?

This is a legitimate question. Can lawyerwriter be trusted to continue as a blog?

When I first started to blog, it really wasn't about building an audience. I just liked writing and instantly publishing.

For the last few months I have loathed writing and publishing. But I'm coming out of that now. So maybe this blog can be trusted.

Here are some answers to some of your other questions, as I imagine them.

1. Why did you hate writing and publishing?

Alas, some things are personal.

2. What the hell is this blog about?

No one knows. It just appeared on the internet like a funky smell, and refuses to go away. The comment section now attracts spam like flies. And yet, I run into people all the time who tell me "I read your blog every day." So the topics must be touching some audience--other people like me.

3. Who the hell are you?

I am a lawyer who does not practice but thinks of practicing (part-time, anyway) and a writer is loves writing, but doesn't want to do it for a living. Essentially, I am a very poor person with a vivid imagination.

4. Can't we have some idea of what to expect if we, say, want to be distracted for that last five minutes before we go home?

These are the topics I'm interested in: being a writer, the whole law school/lawyer phenomenon, the mythic quality of celebrity gossip (particularly anything about Brangelina), being a dog walker, being a freelancer, what band I saw last night, angry ventings of real-life situations that are hopefully readable, being Indian-American, being from Northern California, living in New York City, sketching out chapters of upcoming books, the worlds of publishing, journalism and, oddly, anything about management techniques, poverty of the artistic, and, embarassingly, reality television. Seriously.

Dpes this make sense? (No.) Will this get me a regular audience? (No.) Shouldn't I have advertisements on the side of the screen somewhere? (Yes). Isn't the lack of topic and consistency just a part of your total self-absorption? (Yes.) Can you even justify this blog at all? (Yes. It gets me writing everyday). How accurate are your descriptions of your night out? (I have been known to omit details, like stuff about my lovelife. Don't worry, you're not missing much.)

5. Can't you spellcheck?

You know, I really am THAT lazy. So, no.

6. How about some more images on the blog?

Again, really--that lazy. If you see any pictures, it will probably involve Angelina Jolie. I'm obsessed with her--but, you know, in a spiritual, personal way.

7. How old is that picture?
Last year. My hair is longer now.

8. Isn't the fact that you were recently published in Cat Fancy magazine the first sign that you are not normal about your cats?

Well, technically, I am not normal about animals. I love them wholeheartedly, without reservation, which is the only reason I can forgoe chicken tikka masala, grilled salmon and Big Macs to be a vegetarian. But the article was easy, paid decently, and I liked the fact that I could do something for cat-kind, as they have done plenty for me. (I do recognize that this is still more extreme than some people, and no, it really doesn't make a difference to me if the rest of human-kind is vegetarian or not. I just which we were smarter and more considerate about it).

9. How's freelancing?

It bites. That's why I'm looking for a part-time job. As a writer, I charge $50 an hour. That rate goes up or down depending on the level of my desperation, but I have to at least make half that. Keep me posted if you hear anything.

10. Can we count on a new lawyerwriter entry every day?

I'm aiming for daily. Bear with me while I get my groove back. It's really nice to know that people out there like the blog and my writing. It is back, I promise.

I'll leave the rest of the questions for you. Fire away!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're still interesting... and even wanted to ask what you about of O's IPO... Anyways. Bottomline, I would still read your blog even if you post stuff every month... but regular postings wouldn't hurt either. Personally, I think you're a better writer and more interesting that most blogs out there.


9:55 PM  
Anonymous canuk said...

hey lawyerwriter,

corresponded briefly with you a year back when you were setting up a support group from writers who hate feedback. i was the canadian visiting the big apple for a few months, but never followed through on your invitation b/c of burn-out from a phd that left me unable to face writers of any kind, let alone risk one more experience of anything at all that resembles feedback. in any case, i had a great time going through 'recovery' in your city. read lots but didn't write much. the point of my message here ... in terms of your need of a part-time job, and an expressed desire to not 'have' to write for a living - but rather write only what you want, at your pace, to suit your interests - i've found a great gig that works for me in that regard, and the time suckage is minimal, but the pay and benefits and time off are great - especially for the kind of writing that you do and speak of. i teach at a community college. that's it. teach. no committee work, or administrative work, or publishing 'requirements'. just teach. and once you've done the course prep for a course (yes, that is major time suckage first time through), it is a piece of cake, with pretty much no prep at all to do. just walk in to class, bark, and leave. full-time, it is really a part-time job. three nite classes = full-time work. fewer than that is part-time. full-time though, you teach 7 months per year, but get paid for 12. no requirement to spend time 'at work', just waltz in, do your thing, waltz out. the costs of having the job? no wardrobe costs, because you wear what you want. major bonus. you set your schedule, noone breathing down your throat. full-time, or a course here and a course there, at the same or competing community colleges, may be something to consider -

9:34 PM  
Anonymous juicy15 said...

If you could offer some advice, I would appreciate it. I am currently working as an editorial assistant/reporter for a Las Vegas magazine. I LOVE to write and my dream job is to be a magazine writer (ideally for a Conde Nast publication).

Many people have advised me to go to law school, since it is a more solid, lucrative career, and to try to freelance or part-time write.

Do you think I should fully pursue a writing career, or go the law school/lawyer/writer route?


9:21 PM  

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