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Monday, May 16, 2005

Che Elvis

Recipe for a Hoppin' Fundraiser

You are two theater types who have decided to do a documentary on Elvis. Yet, like many theater and documentary types, you are short of funds. You decide to:

a) get drunk and complain to anyone who will listen how art is dead
b) scrap the project and focus on your t.v. commercial career
c) throw a party.

If you picked (c) then you may keep reading. The rest of you need to have more faith and persistence in your art.

Tiffany and Jayce Bartok are an extremely engaging couple who are also both actors, directors, documentarians, and kick-ass fundraisers. Together they comprise Vinyl Foote Productions, which does all of the above and can be located at the following website: Among their many current projects is the documentary Altered by Elvis, which "follows lives imprinted, fathered, fulfilled and destroyed by our greatest 20th century icon."

Now, not surprisingly to those of you who read this blog (and thank you, btw), I am an Elvis fan. I am an Elvis fan for the same reason I am a Springsteen or Steve McQueen fan: because he is a guy. Sure, he got into those rhinestones and scarves and all that stuff, but Elvis was, at heart, a denim-wearing, smooth-talking, drink-downing guy. With a hot voice. (This is called a Bonus). So I always perk up when someone talks about him with respect.

Vinyl Foote decided to throw a fundraiser to help the documentary along. Most artists have no sense of publicity, marketing, or party throwing. I, too, have been guilty of lazy party-throwing, (i.e. "I picked the bar, they serve liquor, what more do you want from me?") However, the enterprising duo at Vinyl Foote apparently never do things by half. Tonight's fundraiser included the following:

1. LOCATION: A hip, Eurasian themed lounge called Mission in Nolita, featuring a raised stage area behind beaded curtains. Cover charge at the door was merely suggested donation; I cried poverty but still paid up a percentage.

2. ENTERTAINMENT, PART 1: Chanteuse Vanessa Morel, who sang classics like "Time after Time" (Cyndi Lauper), "Love is a Battlefield (Pat Benatar, you heathens) in true diva fashion.

3. ENTERTAINMENT PART 2: Swingin' Elvis impersonator, complete with pelvis swiveling and black velvet/rhinestone jumpsuit.

4. NIBBLES: olives, crudites, grape leaves (mmmm. grape leaves), hummus, etc.

5. SURPRISE DESSERT: Bosco-inspired chocolate cake (actually someone's birthday cake, but we stole some).

6. RAFFLE: of champagne, scarves, gourmet peanut butter, and, my favorite, the Che Elvis t-shirt (Elvis in a Che Guevera pose and hat). ATTENTION: to the person who won the pink Che Elvis t-shirt. If you have changed your mind about it, please contact me as am dying for it.

7. SILENT AUCTION: of Audrey Style and Elvis Presley by Pamela Clarke Keough, The Bombshell Manual of Style, Elvis stamps, giant Andy Warhol banana (get your mind out of the gutter, folks), stints with personal trainer and make-up artists.

8. BACKGROUND VISUALS: Breakfast at Tiffany's on the big screen, also, sneak peak at Altered by Elvis.

9. GIFT BAG. Oh yes, the holy grail of NYC parties. Includes: Saponeria Honey Bubble Bath, Three Custom Color Lip Gloss, Tony & Tina Vibrational Remedy Fragrance, etc. For disappointed boys: stop complaining, explore your metrosexual side and live a little. Bubble bath is good for everyone!

I'm sure I missed something, but it was all such a dizzying feast for the senses. And if I spent too much money, then it was for a good cause.

To Elvis. And Vinyl Foote.


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